Basic Ski Machine Premium Edition

Cardio workout suitable for  alpine and freestyle snowboarders

  • Appropriate for beginners, intermediate and expert snowboarders
  • Suitable for alpine and freestyle snowboarders
  • Enable to mimic turns which in the past could only be achieved on the snow
  • Originally developed as boarders’ training aid
  • Low impact exercise and a perfect choice to prepare for the next winter season
  • Focus on building your base strength and endurance necessary for hitting the slopes much better
  • Great for balance, coordination and improving technique throughout the winter season
  • Portable machine, suitable for indoor and home use
  • Resistance is fully adjustable, offering 6 intensity levels.


Product description

Pro Board Ski Simulator will focus on building your base strength and endurance necessary for hitting the slopes much better. The Pro Board simulator is not only a great off and pre-season conditioning trainer; it also is great for balancecoordination and improving technique throughout the winter season. The goal of the Pro Board machine is to fire up all the muscles we do not use during other sports. With the Pro Board simulator you can mimic turns which, in the past, could only be achieved on the snow. Is a great fitness machine, which was originally developed as boarders’ training aid. The unique movement of the Pro board machine means it can move like your snowboard. A perfect choice to prepare for the next winter season. You can also get other Pro Ski Equipment that will make your training better and more efficient.

This machine is specifically designed for alpine and freestyle snowboarders who would like to improve their movements and maybe also learn or just try to snowboard. On the machine you will automatically make right turns, movement of the body and encourage all the muscles we do not use during other sports, but just while snowboarding on the snow. With the help of Pro Ski Equipment, you will make your training better and more efficient what will helps you to become better on the snow.

Forms of ski fitness training with Pro Board Ski Simulator


The primary goal of cardio training is to develop maximum functional capacity, activate all muscles we do not use during other sports and improve balance, coordination and technique.


The unique movement of the Pro Board will help you to move like on your snowboard and increase your readiness for snowboarding.


The development of power can be achieved with proper exercise selection. The addition of elastic band will increase resistance, which will help increase muscle strength, balance and coordination.


HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
Short, intense exercises are proven to benefit the development of athletic ability and physical condition while burning huge amounts of fat and prepare yourself for the winter season.



– all in one cart + F Type

Designed for all types of alpine and freestyle snowboarders. F-type cart has a fully separate adjustable board response. Useful for beginners, advanced and Pro. Choose your own workout level.

Compatible with Radical framePower frame and Race frame.


The edge ski stopper prevents hard bumps when ending the turn. It’s good for your body, because it absorbs shocks and provides a more pleasant training.


The ski simulator cart has elastic ropes at the bottom. The elastic ropes must be adjusted according to the weight of the person who trains. The elastic ropes easily come off. Fixing them again is also very easy.


This Ski machine has a Basic frame that provides a support system and fixtures for ski-poles. Holding the frame during the workout will help you keep the balance. More advanced skiers can let go of the frame and workout with their hands free or holding ski-poles, as shown in the videos.


The hand holder provides a firm holder when training. You can modify the hand holder by adding a bottle holder for longer workouts. More experienced skiers can let go of the holder during workout.

Technical specification



Basic frame
F-type Cart
Hand holder
Complete workout system support


Dimensions and weight of the package:
L 178cm x W 70cm x H 30cm, weight 42kg
L 70in x W 27,3in x H 11,7in, weight 92,4lb


L 173cm x W 68cm x H 125cm, weight 40kg
L 69in x W 26,5in x H 48,7in, weight 88lb