PRO SKI Simulator implements the unique technology that promotes natural learning to ski. Correct skiing technique is very difficult to learn and practice can take years. Wrong execution of the fundamentals are hard to correct and need a lot of time and effort which can sometimes become very discouraging, especially when you are a beginner.
The developers of this fitness tool set themselves a difficult target. First, they wanted to create a low-cost simulator that simultaneously provides an optimal, realistic motion simulation. On the other hand, the device should be safe and easy to use. At this stage, the fitness device has been revised and presented in a wide model range as PROSKI simulator. This simulator has several functionalities that have been developed for people with different level of performance.


The frame is made of wear-resistant steel and the mechanical resistance system guarantees incredible functionality and security. PRO SKI simulator generates lateral motion on the curved track with movable cranks, which mimics exactly the carving motion of a skier. This creates a fantastic mix of art practice and complete body workout.
This training is important for both beginners and experienced mountain skiers who want to keep the good condition in mid-season. After such workout, skiing on the real ski slope will become a simple and familiar process.


This unit is completely reliable. The special security caused by the non-slip coating of the cart. The legs are not fixed during training. You can, if necessary, quickly jump down from the fitness machine without getting hurt. Convenient design allows easy entry and exit. In addition, the frame of the simulator is equipped with a specially designed supporting grip holder. The PROFESSIONAL Simulator has its own Secure Device support system that minimizes the risk of falling. PROSKI simulator is one of the few ski equipments, which is used very often for rehabilitation purposes due to its security.


Skiing learning devices PROSKI simulator can be equipped with special computer ST Computer Control. This computer consists of sensors and a control unit. Information from the magnetic sensors are read and transmitted to the control computer. This information is then processed by means of special algorithms. These algorithms have been developed by leading specialists.
The result is carefully controlled by the system. During training, detailed information is displayed on the screen and acoustic signals will sound. After the training results can be saved for further processing in the control program. The screen displays the number of curves, speed of movement execution, angles of the legs, fatigue and quality of the executed exercise is displayed also.
The data can also be presented as separate charts for each leg. It is also possible to store all data recorded on a USB stick. The fact that the computer is suitable for people with different level of performance, it can work in training or in test mode.