DESCRIPTION Standard Ski Simulator provides the same type of exercise as the basic machine but is further upgraded with the revolutionary ST Control Computer that gives you additional information on the quality of your training through a touch-screen LCD. The standard machine is best suited for experienced skiers. The ST warns the user of incorrect […]


DESCRIPTION Basic MINI ski machines are designed primarily for children up to 145 cm, but suitable also for low intensity aerobic exercises for adults. It’s a new ski machine from our well-known Pro ski simulator series and very useful product for obtaining fitness, coordination and balance. Exceptional use of group exercise. Recommended for institutions that […]


DESCRIPTION Basic knowledge and technique-improvement The simplest model of the PRO SKI-Simulator series is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced skiers. The system has a support system and fixtures for ski-poles. The movement takes place in one plane. This model has 6 intensity levels and ensures an effective training of the technique, balance […]


DESCRIPTIONS This is the standard model but featuring in addition a revolutionary frame that is able to perfectly imitate a carving ski turn. It was designed especially for excellent skiers and competitors. Because of the outstanding simulation of ski turns you will feel as if you are on an actual ski slope. The machine is […]


DESCRIPTION The NEW Power ski machine was developed for advanced skiers and ski racers. The difference from the other Pro ski Machines is the size and the resistance setting. The main difference is the possibility of ski boots workout. The Power Frame is extended for 50cm, total length is now over 220cm. The Power ski […]

Basic Mini

DESCRIERE Simulatorul Basic Mini este proiectat pentru copii până la 145 cm, dar se poate utiliza şi de adulţi pentru exerciţii de fitness de mică intensitate. Este un model nou din binecunoscuta serie Pro Ski Simulator şi un produs foarte util pentru exerciţii de fitness, dezvoltarea coordonării şi a echilibrului. Se pretează pentru utilizarea la […]